Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FOTD: Pink and Purple Using the 96 Palette

Hi Bellas,

Back from the Holidays!  How was everyone's break?  I was actually sick the entire time unfortunately.  The combination of a night of caroling, long workday and then drive straight to Orlando knocked me out for the entire Christmas break.  I sat on the couch the entire time in my new snuggie, reading the TrueBlood books and taking meds, lol.  Because of that, no post yesterday :(  I'm still trying to recover so in the meanwhile, so I'll show you a look I created a few weeks ago.

I wanted to use my 96 palette from so that those of you with similar palettes could recreate the look.  I also feel better when I go back to old palettes I haven't used in a while :)  I wore this look during a shoot.  I like to have my makeup done for the most part when I do clients...that way they'll have a preview of my makeup artist abilities.  Afterward, I wore this look on a trip to target for Christmas ornament shopping.  I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror in the bright store lights and whoa this look was bright in person, lol.

The final look!

I'm going to try and upload a new video this week.  In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me.  Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  I received the 96 palette from the company and have reviewed it in a past entry.  I have not been paid to write this post and am not affiliated with the company.


LaDonna said...

LOVE the look and LOVE your hair! I feel like bright colors look awesome on you! Sorry to hear you were sick during Christmas, pooper! I got the flu once during Christmas when I was younger, stunk.

blkprincess87 said...

I'm glad to see ur doing more of ur bright looks. Hope u get better soon

Louzee said...

Heehee. My boyfriend got me a pink Snuggie for Christmas. It is simply the bomb diggity. I like this FOTD. You rock them purples like a hurricane.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

oh my goodness, you look so beautiful with this look. I love it.

by the way, I just bought the graftobian hd creme foundation palette because of you. I really love it. I always trust your reviews and opinions :)

youre the best ren and i hope you have a great 2010

Deborah Jones said...

always gorgeous Ren. When I grow up in my make-up I wanna be just like you!

Krystia-HouseofKrystia said...

I so love using colours and this is a fun twist on such a flirty look!