Subtle Yet Smokey Plum Eyes on My Bestie with Steelo Cosmetics!

Hi Bellas!

So I gave you a sneak peak into Steelo products in my sultry smokey look here. But I couldn't let it stop there.

Seriously, I love this brand. I'll be using these new products way past this review. Usually I don't get too excited about new brands because a lot of them seem the same...especially the millions of mineral makeup companies emerging out there (a lot of time I get requests to review them but I turn a lot of them down because a lot of them seem the same)...but this one far exceeded my expectations. The packaging is sleek and cute...even the lipsticks have a little weight to them with their metal containers...I like that! I hate when packaging looks usually means the makeup is cheaply made too.

It's also a brand specifically tailoring to women of color...if you check out their website they have pictures of a wide range of ethnicities...Black, Asian, Latino, Southeast many! There foundation shade process is can choose shades with undertones in yellow, copper, red, orange and even blue! Say goodbye to not being able to match your shade!

In this video I did a makeover on my Bestie Sai. You've probably seen her in a few of my other posts and my Lauren Conrad hair tutorial. Well I brought her back for another one! Saiesha is a great model because she's really honest about whether or not she likes a product (product junkie!) and she's naturally gorgeous so makeup just looks great on her.
I let her pick out the colors beforehand and she did a great job! She chose a smokey, plum look with nude lips. Extremely wearable for you guys out there!
Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used:

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Steelo e/s in cotton candy (lid)
-Steelo e/s in bella (outer v)
-Steelo e/s in damage (crease)
-Steelo e/s in matte beige (highlight)
-Eve Pearl liquid liner
-MAC kohl pencil in smolder
-Red Cherry Lashes
-Steelo black mascara

-airbrush foundation - Kett and Graftobian
-Steelo blush in Terracotta Spice

-Steelo sand lipliner
-Steelo angelique lipstick
-Steelo pink pearl lipgloss (love!)

Here's a quick review on the products I've tried so far:

Single Eyeshadows
Please don't shoot me when I say this, but these are equal to, if not better than MAC eyeshadows. The pigmentation is amazing. One swipe of the finger yields great color payoff without a base. Also, they're not like the cheap eyeshadows out there that are super pigmented but once you blend them a bit disappear (think a lot of those large e/s palettes out there). Also, they're not all loose and crumbly like the "high pigmented" cheap eyeshadows...they apply like a dream. The colors are so pretty...bright enough for people like me, but subtle enough for neutral makeup lovers. The eyeshadows are $12 per single pot...cheaper than MAC but same quality! else you're missing out!

Same as the eyeshadows, these are very pigmented and the texture is super smooth. You can tell the company really paid attention to picking out shades that really complemented women of color. For example, the red tones in Terracotta Spice blush really complemented Saiesha's yellow red undertones in the video (she usually has problems finding blushes that don't make her look ashy). There are only 6 shades right now, but I hope they do more! I want all of the shades...honestly, they look so good on ethnic women. They're bigger than the single eyeshadows put are at the same price of $12...good deal!

Another winner...they chose extremely wearable shades like Sand, Mocha, Chesnut, Burgundy...all staples for any makeup kit for a woman of color. This makes my job as a makeup artist so much easier! I want all 7 shades in my kit. The liner is super smooth and easy to apply. I used the shade Sand on 3 different women...completely different skin tones and it looked great on each person. Again, they're priced at the magic number...$12!

They have ten shades to choose from in very wearable shades just like the lipliner. They are very moisturizing, no funky smell, and the pigmentation is amazing. It goes on smooth like a MAC lustre lipstick but with more pigmentation. My swatches blew me away! If you're searching for a deep berry shade that has the perfect mix of berry and brown....they've got it! The only thing is that I found a lot of their shades in this berry family to be super similar. So when picking shades keep this in don't want two lipsticks that look nearly the same. Guess how much? Yup, $12, lol.

Pink Pearl is officially my new favorite lipgloss. The colors of these glosses are super pigmented...they're only sheer if they're a sheer nude color...that's how it should be in my opinion! If I wanted sheer, I would throw some tendertones on clear gloss on. The colors are super smooth and rich and guess what? Not sticky! The bestie Sai loves how they smell too. The fact that they're not sticky makes them so much more enjoyable to wear...and the color stays bright and lasts for a pretty good amount of time (not through eating, but hey I'll reapply with no problem). These are $1 more at $13...well worth it.

Eyebrow Pencil
Steelo only offers two colors...Taupe and Earth Brown. I think most people could get away with Earth Brown (I used it on myself and on Saiesha). Taupe would be for the blondies out there. The pencil is firm/dry enough to give you the light strokes needed for filling in eyebrows. It also comes with a brush at the end to blend the pencil in after you're done. Again, they're priced at $12...they actually remind me a lot of Anastasia Brow Pencils which is considerably more. Honestly though, I'll always love my Rimmel Professional brow pencil in hazel...I especially love the price of $4, lol. If you're looking for a higher end brow pencil for a pretty decent price though, this one is for you.

I've tried this mascara on myself a few times. It's more of an everyday mascara...average lengthening and volumizing. The kind of thing you wear to work or complaints but if you're looking for big time volume or length you'd probably need to turn to something like Lash Blast or DiorShow.

Final Thoughts
In all, you know what this brand reminds me of? If you combined Bobbi Brown and MAC together they'd have a Steelo baby. And believe me...that's a compliment. It has the rich colors and pigmenation of MAC glosses, blushes, and eyeshadows and the beautiful color matching

I'll have more reviews when I do a video making myself over with these fab products. Check them out! Steelo Cosmetics

Check out my YouTube video uploaded today, my Eve Pearl makeover on Melissa!

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