Fanta's Before and After

Hi Bellas,

About two or three weeks ago, I had makeup lessons with one of my youtube viewers. She was such a sweety and eager to learn.

When I do makeup lessons, I encourage the client to bring over their makeup bag and brushes so that we can ensure that he/she can translate the tips into looks with his/her own products.

Fanta is a new makeup junkie and she had some brand new products which were fabulous! I let her pick out a few of my eyeshadows to experiment with. Like many of us, she fell in love with MUFE no. 92 eyeshadow, the best purple ever.

When I do a lesson, I do one side of the face piece by piece and have the client do the other side. After 2 hours, she blended that eyeshadow like a pro.

FYI, I used the Makeup Forever camouflage palette in no 5 to conceal her undereye circles. I know a few of you were asking about it.

One topic we covered was highlighting and contouring. You can definitely see the difference in the top pic. The makeup application is subtle yet yields dramatic results at the same time. Highlighting and contour accomplishes many feats: camouflages a double chin, thins the nose, and makes the cheekbones pop!

Among other things, I taught Fanta how to do the lid, crease, and highlight method on her eyes to get the gradiant effect. We used MUFE no. 92, carbon, and nanogold.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist