Another Before and After

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday! Whew it's been a long, cold, tiring week. I'm excited to sleep in tomorrow. Last night I went to an Orchestra concert at my old university. It was so beautiful! I need to get out an enrich my mind with events like that more often. No thoughts of makeup the whole time, just enjoying beautiful music.

Anywho, a few weekends ago I did a makeover on a friend of a previous client. Adrienne was having a big birthday party thrown for her, and her friend gave her a makeover as a present.

Her makeup was pretty easy to do. We wanted to do something fun and sparkly. On her eyes I used a mixture of purples. We put Stars N Rockets eyeshadow from MAC on her inner lid and Adrienne loved it so much she asked me to pack on some more. Moving forward, I'll get more closed eye shots so that you can see the lid colors better.

As you can see in the picture, I did a little bit of contouring with the eyes. With the help of eyeshadow and liner, I gave the illusion of lifting up Adrienne's eyes on the outer corner. All with the power of makeup!

Unfortunately I don't remember all of the products I used, but I thought I'd post the picture anyways. Don't you love her hair too? Short and sassy!

Any big plans this weekend?

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Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist