Yaby Cosmetics Review

Hi Bellas,

EDIT: Hi Guys, I contacted the owner about your concerns over pricing. She is offering everyone a code for 20% off any order over $25 until 1/15/09 if you use the code renren2008.

Also, remember that each shadow is $2.15 or $3.15 for a pearl paint if you want to buy an empty palette and build your collection slowly. I promise you, this isn't another random cheap palette, it's worth it! The Yaby Cosmetics website is more expensive than the prices listed on Camera Ready Cosmetics as well due to it being a Canadian based company. Just an FYI for those looking to purchase in the US. Thanks guys!

I've been playing with these new eyeshadows for the last few weeks. I've been neglecting my MAC and everything else because well...I don't need them since I have all the colors in these two palettes!

Ever since I saw these Yaby palettes online, I was obsessed! My girl May has them, and Enkore did a review on them as well. I tried these out for weeks so that I could give an accurate review. Just ask my boyfriend, I was fiddling with these every night, trying out all the colors. I had to have about 10 different brushes each time since I wanted to use all 80 colors!

I definitely have a few favorites in the palettes that are not even close to be dupeable by my MAC shadows. It appeared to me that the shimmery shadows were a little more pigmented than the matte. However, like all shadows, if you use the patting method with a 239 or similar brush, you can definitely build up the color intensity.

I received the Best of Both Worlds Palette as well as the Something Bright palette. The only thing missing was a matte black and maybe a few highlight colors. But if you're any kind of makeup junkie, I'm pretty sure you have more than a few blacks and highlight colors lying around.

The eyeshadows are about the size of a dime. They are removeable (so you can replace colors, pick and choose colors) and magnetic too!

They are a little wider than the size of a MAC palette, but about 1.5 shorter.

Check out my video review...I'm rocking two different looks using the palettes.

On a side note : I'm really trying on working on getting a new camera to film my videos. I'm trying to budget for it so thanks for your patience. Thanks for everyone else who is super supportive!

I've done a ton of looks with them (and received many compliments) just using a regular paint pot underneath. See for yourself!

-extremely pigmented
-sleek case is a good size for traveling or packing in your kit
-so many colors in one palette...40 to be exact
-the pans are magnetic and refillable unlike many of the other palettes being sold right now
-so many colors!

-tends to have fallout so be careful
-the palette is white so if you're neurotic about dirty palettes watch out
-it's pricey

You can find these at http://www.yabycosmetics.com/ or http://www.camerareadycosmetics.com/

Happy shopping!

Atlanta Makeup Artist