How to Be a Covid Safe Makeup Artist

Being a Makeup Artist during a pandemic can be an intimidating feat. Not only do you have to worry about the right products and the perfect makeup application, but you also need to focus on keeping you and your client safe. To be a Covid safe Makeup Artist, you'll need to be informed on the latest products and processes that the industry has adapted as a result of Covid. Below are four major tips to get you on our way.

Enroll in a Makeup Artist Certification Course
One of the biggest differences between self-taught and trained Makeup Artists is their knowledge of sanitation and hygiene. Each state has specific Covid requirements for professional beauty services and the CDC also has its own guidelines. For example, in Georgia, a beauty professional is required to use covered trash cans to dispose of their waste and the CDC requires that 70% isopropyl alcohol be used to sanitize makeup. A certified instructor trains students to adopt these procedures and create the best habits to apply makeup sanitarily to their clients. This includes learning different product expiration dates, how to apply makeup without contaminating it and correctly sanitizing products between clients. Enrolling in a makeup academy allows aspiring artists to feel confident that they are protecting themselves and their clients.

Build a Covid Safe Makeup Kit
If you're working on sets, it is expected that Makeup Artists have the proper makeup kits and equipment to be Covid safe. The Makeup Artist Union has strict requirements such as making sure artists have the proper PPE and sanitation tools. Most pros know that the key to covid safe makeup includes having small amounts of makeup that can be divided up per individual client as to not contaminate your larger kit. This includes a brush set and disposables for each person who receives makeup services. By having the proper kit you'll do your work safely and efficiently. This also ensures that you'll be rehired for the next gig.

Practice your Covid Safe Set Up
Practice makes perfect. This includes changing your makeup routine so that you create a behavior of the proper set up and clean up. Start by cleaning off your surface and chair. Set up your makeup so that it is not exposed to air and contamination - i.e. keep palettes closed and cover makeup brushes. Next, begin applying makeup using techniques like scooping out products with a metal spatula and palette for creams and liquids. Practice sanitizing makeup between clients such as wiping off powders and spraying down tools with isopropyl alcohol. Lastly, clean up by having dedicated bags for soiled items and disposing waste in lidded trash cans. By doing this routine over and over you'll master having a Covid safe makeup procedure.

Create Covid Safe Client Procedures
Not only will your behavior as a Makeup Artist change, but your clients will need to adapt as well. This includes providing potential clients a list of your Covid Safety procedures ahead of time. Limit the number of people in your makeup artist as to decrease the risk of contamination. Share with your clients any Covid safety certifications that will increase their confidence in booking you. You should share this information on your website, social media and through direct correspondence with your clients.

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