Airbrush Makeup - Is it worth the investment?

 Hi Bellas,

I know that a lot of my audience is fellow MUAs and makeup enthusiasts.  As a makeup instructor, I get a lot of interest from my students about airbrush makeup.  Is it worth it?  Is it hard to do?  I've been airbrushing my clients for over a decade and I can share with you all of the pros and cons of this makeup medium and whether or not it's worth the investment.  Check it out!

What is airbrush makeup?

As opposed to traditional makeup which is applied with a brush or sponge, airbrush makeup is applied using air pressure through an airbrush gun.  The airbrush makeup itself is composed of fine pigment particles that create a flawless finish to the skin.  It's this airbrushed look that clients love, especially brides.  It's also a great option for special fx, body makeup and more.

***Pictured - Graftobian Walk Around Airbrush Makeup System.  This airbrush kit is used during the IMA Airbrush Makeup Training courses.

What's the downside?

Airbrush Makeup application is a learned skill that takes practice and proper instruction.  I've found that new artists may get discouraged if they pick up the machine and cannot troubleshoot issues.  This is applied using an airbrush compressor and gun and like all machines it can break.  Being properly trained and putting in the practice will help you overcome the learning curve and be confident in airbrush makeup application.

What's the upside?

Airbrush Makeup is an advanced skill to add to your Makeup Resume that clients are willing to pay extra for.  It's considered a specialized application and also can be a truly luxe experience.  Not everyone is trained in airbrush makeup application so it gives you an advantage over other artists.  Over the last two years of living in a pandemic, many more artists and clients are preferring airbrush makeup application as it is more sanitary.  You actually never have to touch a client's face or double dip the makeup, leading to more sanitary application and less cross contamination.  

Notice the flawless finish on this bridal makeup application.  The foundation was applied using Temptu's S/B airbrush foundation.

Here is another before and after done during a live class demo.  Graftobian Airbrush Color correctors were used to neutralize discoloration and even skin tone.

IMA is offering an Airbrush Makeup Workshop in Atlanta where you can learn everything you need to complete a professional airbrush makeup application.  To register, visit or book a virtual tour with any questions!