The New Normal for Makeup Artists during Covid-19

Hi Bellas,
The new normal of makeup during Covid 19 looks a little something like this:

As a Makeup Artist and Instructor, I am very concerned about doing a makeup services that requires close contact with my clients.  Social distancing isn't an option for doing makeup.  We all need to make changes to the way we do things to keep ourselves and our clients safe.  Here are some of the new measures I'm implementing:
  • Wear a face shield, mask and gloves while doing makeup
  • Use a clean makeup brush for every client.  No quick clean brush sprays between clients on the same gig.  Each client will get a freshly washed and sanitized makeup brush.
  • Limit talking and cell phone use
  • Customers must wash hands before makeup application
  • Customers must disclose whether they are experiencing sickness symptoms or been around anyone who has
  • Contactless payment - electronic invoices for all services
Continue these routine makeup sanitation measures
  • Spray all makeup with 70% alcohol or makeup sanitizing spray
  • No double dipping into makeup, use a steel palette and spatula to use product
  • Make use of makeup disposables
If you want an in depth explanation of how to sanitize your makeup and make sure that your kit is clean, don't forget to check out my YouTube Video.

This is a new time for everyone so I appreciate all the patience and acceptance of this new normal and our commitment to putting safety first.