I Redid My High School Graduation Makeup ...19 Years Later

Hi Bellas,
A lot of my old high school classmates have been posting their Senior Pics. I was going to post mine, but boy is it bad lol. I wanted a redo. Plus I'm giving you tons of tips for doing makeup for your graduation pics or if you're a MUA. I know graduations are starting to get rescheduled so yay! Hold tight guys, we can still celebrate!

What a transformation right? My face has definitely changed over the years, but no plastic surgery, it's just makeup and age!

Here are some of my makeup tips to get great graduation makeup for photos:
  • Avoid skincare and makeup with SPF and Silica - it'll cause a white flashback
  • Avoid excess shine and shimmer, it will photograph as white splotches and will be hard to edit
  • Go for timeless makeup that won't look dated years from now
  • Demi-Matte skin photographs the best
  • Use a mix of satin and matte textures
  • Bring touch up product to your session - lip, powder, eyelash glue, q-tips
  • Smile!

Hope you guys enjoyed, till next time Ciao Bellas!