Mommy Mondays - New Mom Goes to her First Hot Yoga Class!

Hi Bellas,

I've been sharing my new mommy journey with you and a huge part of the post partum experience is getting back in shape.  I'm doing my best to stay active and regain the strength I lost from all those months of limited mobility.  Thanks to my girl Danielle, I actually took my scaredy cat self into my first yoga class.  I'm sharing my experience with you...the highs and lows and my tips for new mommies.  Check it out!

Here I am before the class.  You can't tell, but I was pretty nervous.  I definitely am not as strong as I used to be pre baby.  I was about 2.5 months post partum and I really was going to the class because my friend Danielle convinced me to get out of the house lol.  

As soon as I entered the class I felt a little calmer.  The room was dimly lit, there was a really nice herbal smell in the air, and the vibe was very chill.  The temperate was 93 degrees which actually was warm, not too hot.  The class was challenging, but I found myself working my way through it and feeling great that I was able to push myself.

  • Go with a buddy!  Having a friend there definitely motivated me to go and also made me feel less self conscious - strength in numbers!  Danielle also gave me lots of tips going into the class so I felt more comfortable.
  • Set yourself up near a wall and the back of the room.  I felt better not being front and center as I was not familiar with the moves and the instructor.
  • Have the right yoga mat.  The one I had from home was slipping and was too soft and didn't have a texture to keep it from moving.  Luckily the yoga teacher gave me one of their mats one third through the class so I was able to keep going.
  • Use a yoga block for positions where you might not be able to reach.  I'm definitely pretty tight and it helps to have a block in place for certain moves where you can't reach the floor for example.  It's also nice for using under your body to stretch.
  • Bring water!  You're pretty much pouring sweat from the added heat in the room...stay hydrated and keep your water bottle right next to you.
  • Use their towels!  It gets real sweaty.  I had to wipe my hands off a few times so I wouldn't slip on the mat.
  • Relax!  It's more about the experience - focus on your breath than getting each move correct.  There really were people of various levels in the class.  Everyone was focused on themselves, and pretty soon I turned my focus inwards too.

After the class, nice and glowy!
Understand that this is a journey, kudos to you for getting out there!  You'll just grow stronger with time.  I can't wait to go to my next class!

Danielle and I used class pass to try out this Heated Power Vinyasa class at Highland Yoga in Grant Park.  I only paid $5to try this class out and I still have a few more credits left.  If you're interested, you can get $40, use my coupon code!

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