I Dyed My Hair Pink!

Hi Bellas,

Who dis? Arabella's mommy with pink hair! I decided to take the plunge and try pink hair again.  I did it myself this time.  Check out how my experience went and if I ended up liking it!

I ordered the Loreal Colorista semi-permanent hair color in pink for blonde hair off amazon. The reviews were pretty decent and I wanted something temporary in case I didn't love it.  I honestly thought it wouldn't show up that much since my hair is a darker blond and the package said it wouldn't work too well on darker tones.  Boy was I surprised!  It was a little more purple than pink but I think it looks cute!  Especially since it's only for a few weeks I can live with it.

It was pretty simple.  I wash and towel dried my hair.  Then I applied the dye (already comes in a tube, on mixing required) all over my hair just using the gloves.  I think next time I'll try to comb it through because I missed a few spots, oops!  I let it sit for 30 minutes under a shower cap.  Then I washed it out with water using the gloves.  I think it turned more purple than pink because I put a shower cap on and maybe the heat from my hair accelerated the impact.  Either way, I think it'll fade to nice pink in a few washes.  What do you think? Yay or Nay Either way it'll wash out, maybe i'll try another color next!