Baby Update - One Week Post Partum - Before and After Belly Shots

Hi Bellas,

It's been a whirlwind week spending our first days with Baby Arabella.  Check out my super real baby update...the ups, the downs, and how I'm really feeling as a new mom.  I also show you my stomach one week post partum.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

  • Baby had her first doctor's appointment - she's already gaining weight back.  It's completely normal for babies to drop a few ounces after delivery.  As long as they gain it back within 2 weeks it's ok.
  • Post partum symptoms - bleedings, stomach cramps, sore lady parts
  • My stomach has gone down a lot - I'm also currently wearing a post partum belt around the clock
  • I'm recovering from vaginal delivery with a first degree tear - some of my must haves - dermal, Motrin prescribed by doctor, hospital mesh underwear and pads
  • I'm dealing with major breast engorgment - I'm doing a lot of icing and using my lansinoah gel packs and and Lansinoh Soothies for sore nipples
  • About day 4 or 5 my boobs started to leak milk a lot. thank goodness for Lansinoh Breast pads
  • I live in nursing tanks and bras!
  • I'm super emotional - a combo of hormones, no sleep and dealing with all the new changes
  • Baby girl is pretty fussy - she cries a lot especially at night
I've compiled a list of my post partum must haves on amazon.  All products are purchased by me and seriously life savers.  Check them out here.

Check out baby's first trip out the house to her 1 week doctor's appointment

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