Updated Skincare Routine - Pregnancy Skin Issues

Hi Bellas,

My skin has changed in the last few months.  I'm chalking it up to the weather, spring allergies, and this new baby growing in my belly.  Where's this pregnancy glow everyone is talking about?  A couple of weeks ago I started noticing that my skin was feeling very dry, sensitive and discolored.  I changed up my skincare routine and my skin has instantly felt more balanced and nourished.  Check out my updated products below!

Some of these products are oldies and some are brand new.  My focus was picking out gentle products that were very hydrating.  

To cleanse, I'm using this gentle cleanser.  It doesn't make my skin burn like my former cleanser and leaves me feeling clean but soft and hydrated.

Next I follow up with a serum - a must have for dry skin.  I put a few drops of this Mario Badescu hydrating serum.  I think without this my skin would still be parched.  Mario Badescu has always been one of my go to brands for skincare.

I follow this up with IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream.  I think IT Cosmetics does a great job with eye creams and I've been using this one for a few months - it hasn't failed me yet.

I pulled out my Embryolisse Embryoderme moisturizer for dry and mature skin.  It's a little thicker and coats my skin to lock in the moisture.  I stay hydrated all day.

On my body I use Cerave moisturizing cream.  This thicker cream in a jar does a good job of moisturizing itchy growing areas like my belly and breasts.  I like this thicker cream for areas prone to stretch marks and itchiness especially during pregnancy.

Lastly I use this new No7 Hydration Mask as a pick me up every few weeks to give me an instant shot of moisture.  It's not like a typical mask, it's more of a thick hydrating jelly that you rub on and wash off.  It is amazing.  I'm a huge fan of No7 skincare.

Do you all have any recommendations?  Leave them in the comments below!