Pregnancy Bump Date - Weeks 14-15 - 1st Pregnancy

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with my first bump date!  I'm officially in my second trimester and I'm giving you a recap of weeks 14-15.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

The baby is currently the size of a lemon!  

Here are a recap of my symptoms:

  • Appetite returning - A lot of my food aversions are going away and I'm starting to eat more yay!
  • Dry skin - my face has been dryer, redder and has more texture.  I've been doing more face masks to help.  I know skin changes are pretty normal with pregnancy.
  • Sore nipples - my breasts aren't as sore but my nipples are more tender.  I'm definitely sticking to comfy bras.
  • Need to pee - I've found myself having to run to the bathroom more but often it's a false alert.  
  • Allergies - Pregnancy rhinitis is when you're more congested and allergies can worsen.  I can take some over the counter allergy meds like zyrte and Benadryl but I also find a hot water pad helps ease sinus pain.
  • Bloating - Is it the baby or bloat?  I think both!
  • Stomach popping more - I definitely feeling my stomach getting a little harder and sloping out more, hello baby!
  • Headaches - This is another common symptom.  Tylenol is safe and naps help too.
Stay tuned for my upcoming video - Packing for a Cruise While Pregnant!