Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer + Highlighter

Hi Bellas,

Amazing Cosmetics just came out with 3 gorgeous Illuminating Primers/Highlighters.  Now this is definitely something that I will be adding to my makeup kit.  Check it out!

These multi-tasking products can be used to prime the skin or added alone as an illuminator.  They're also packed with daisy extract to help fade dark spots at the same time, win!  I love the shade options they chose, there is really one for every skin tone.

Glow is a pearly sheen - when you rub it completely into the skin it gives a nice natural sheen, great for light to medium skin tones.

Rose gives a soft pink flush.  It would look great on light to tan skin tones to add a bit more rosey color to the skin.

Bronze gives a natural sun kissed flush.  I love this shade for tan to deeper skin tones.  It was also look great on the body for a faux glow.

I used the Glow highlighter (white pearl color) on my model's face and collarbone to give her a glow.

These products give a really gorgeous, natural skin.  I'm over the whole extra glittery or super shiny highlight look.  The Illuminate Primer + Highlighter gives you a gorgeous, I was born with it glow.  Love it!

This product retails for $35 at