New Love! No7 Youthful Vitamic C Fresh Radiance Essence

Hi Bellas,

I am obsessed with No7 Skincare.  It's a UK brand that has made its way to the US.  You can find it at Ulta.  I've been trying a lot of their products lately and I think I can safely say they have the best affordable serums in the drugstore category.  I recently tried their newest Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Serum and it's love.

First off, you need to read the instructions.  You have a little work to do before you can put this on your face.  You actually have to dispense the Vitamic C Powder contained in the cap into the liquid.  By freshly activating the solution at home you get maximum benefits.  Shake, then apply a few drops into your skin.

You can see the white Vitamin C Powder floating at the top.  This serum is supposed to give brighter, healthier, more radiant looking skin in just 2 weeks.  I'm a huge fan of anything with Vitamin C and I love concentrated serums.  As soon as I applied it I found that the product easily sank into my skin and my face looked brighter and fresher.

You only need 3-5 drops which is good because the bottle is pretty tiny.  I wish I had more!  But this is a 2 week treatment so they give you just enough.  I do find that I am streamlining my makeup routine because this one product cuts out the extra facial oil that I usually use to hydrate my skin.  

I am a huge fan of this product.  It's definitely a pick me up for your skin.  It's nice to mix up your routine.  My skin is definitely loving this.  I definitely see an improvement.  

You can purchase this at your local Ulta or Target for $24.99.  It's worth it!