7 Tips for Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post in my Makeup Artist Series.  One thing that my students struggle with is learning how to apply makeup on dry skin.  They need to learn a few techniques and products that will allow them to get an even foundation application without flaking and dryness.  I've got 7 tips and products that will help you apply makeup on yourself and your clients flawlessly as the cooler Fall weather creeps in.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

1) Use a good moisturizer.  I love Embryolisse because it works on everyone.  You can even use this to mix this into your cream foundations to make a more hydrating liquid foundation.

2) Serums are miracle workers. For very dry skin a serum applied before moisturizer gives extra hydration to the skin.  It's like miracle moisture drops that revitalize the skin.  I use the Mario Badescu Hydrating Herbal Serum.

3) Exfoliate! If you or your client has very dry skin including flakes and dry patches, you need to exfoliate.  Typically 1-3 times a week but if my client comes with dry flakes and no amount of moisturizer or serum will fix it, I'll have them exfoliate with a portable cleansing cloth.  I store a few of the Oil of Olay Cleansing Cloths in a ziplock bag just for this occasion.  They are water activated and have a good texture to exfoliate.  

4) Use a Damp beauty blender sponge of brush to apply foundation.  It will glide better over the skin.  You can do this by wetting your sponge under the faucet and then wringing out the excess or take your moisture mist and spritz your brush.  Especially when you powder under the eyes a damp beauty blender will prevent cakiness and a dry look.  Always pat and stipple versus a dragging, swiping motion as to not disturb the skin underneath.  Beauty Blender

5) Use a Facial Spray - a lot of It.  I use a moisture mist before skincare to help products absorb better, throughout the makeup application to keep skin hydrated, and after to take away a powdery look.  You can also use the moisture sprays to wet your sponges and brushes.  I use Mario Badescu Rose Water .

6) Use liquid foundation over powder or cream.  Liquid floats on top of skin better.  If you only carry cream in your kit you can transform it into a liquid by adding a few drops of oil or moisturizer and mixing it together.

7) Only a Little Powder - Dewy is in!  Don't dry out the skin by applying too much powder.  If a person has truly dry skin, they might not even need powder to set the foundation.  Only apply it to areas that really need it like the T Zone, or skip it entirely and use a Makeup Setting Spray.  I like Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Setting Spray.

I hope these tips were helpful!  If you like these types of posts let me know and leave your recommendations and requests in the comments below!