Dr. Jart Water Fuse Collection

Hi Bellas,

I am totally on the water based skincare bandwagon.  I had the chance to try out Dr. Jart's new Water Fuse collection and it is love!  I finally had the opportunity to try a sleep mask.  My skin is super soft and hydrated but not weighed down in this summer heat.  Check it out!

I'm glad I got pictures of this collection because my brother came to visit and this set went home with him.  Needless to say, he was a fan too!

Hydro Soothe Eye Gel
Relieves eye swelling, puffiness and increases circulation.  I love how it is light weight but is still very hydrating.

Hydro Sleep Mask
OMG i've always wanted to try a sleeping mask.  This is just what my dry skin eeds.  It definitely feels rich yet is somehow lightweight at the same time.  You wear this overnight to prevent water loss during sleep.  Love!

Ultimate Hydro Gel
I love a gel moisturizer especially for these hot summer days.  I always recommend any of these water based products for my oily skin gals too so that they get hydration without it being too heavy.  You can tell this is the good stuff because it even comes with its own spatula to help you scoop out product and keep your product nice and sanitary.  I wish all products came packaged like this!

You can find these products at Sephora.  Happy skincare shopping!