Makeup Transformation: Natural to Arabic Inspired

Hi Bellas,

Who's ready for another makeover?  This is another behind the scenes shot of the diversity campaign America the Beautiful.  I did a gorgeous natural into Arabic inspired makeup look on my beautiful model.  Check it out!

I didn't have a chance to get a before shot.  But here is the "No Makeup" makeup look.  I focused on defining her brows and giving her a flawless complexion.

For the glam, I was inspired by soft dusty pinks to complement a head scarf she would be wearing in the photoshoot.  I used the Lorac Unzipped Palette on the eyes, one of my favorites.

The model had the idea to do a brighter ombre lip, something I don't typically do.  But I love how it came out.

Hope you all enjoyed this look.  I can't wait to share the professional pictures soon!