Glow from WIthin with Pixi Skincare

Hi Bellas,

Today on my blog on featuring Pixi skincare for the very first time.  Pixi's line contains skin loving ingredients that give a lit from within glow.  If you're not investing in your skincare for 2017, start now!  Check out the post!

I've got a nice set of products to review for you all.  Probably the only thing missing is a cleanser.  These products promise to give a glow, and i'm all about that dewy look.

First up is the Glowtion Day Dew $22.  It's a radiance boosting moisturizer that you can wear during the day time.  I apply mine after cleansing and using my facial oil and serum.  As soon as you pump out the product you will see that it has an irridescent tint to the product.  Once you rub it in, it gives your skin a beautiful sheen.  It contains lavendar oil to calm the skin, mica to brighten the complexion, and glycerin to hydrate.  You can even use this as a highlight by placing extra lotion in the spots you want to glow.

Next up is the Beauty Sleep Cream $24.  It's a nutrient-rich nighttime treatment with mango butter and chamomile.  I love the nice slip and creamy texture to this lotion, it sinks right in.  The mango butter is rich in fatty acids, the chamomile calms the complexion, and glacier water is mineral rich and hydrating.  This nutrient rich night cream is perfect to wear while you sleep because it will really do some repairing and fixing overnight.  

I'm all about any eye creams and treatments.  Pixi has a 24K Eye Elixer $22, an energizing peptide serum.  You can use this day and night.  Just roll the application under the eye.  You can even chill it before use for extra de-puffing.  The peptides help reduce fine lines and aging as well.  This definitely feels nice under my eyes when I didn't get a good night's sleep.  I still use an eye cream for extra moisture which I apply to my top and bottom lid.  Then I roll this on and blend in the excess with my finger - instant spa treatment.

Last up is the Glow Mist $15.  I love facial sprays.  This one contains 13 natural oils that you can mist anytime for a dewy effect.  I notice that this does sting a bit over my lips where I have sensitive skin, so make sure to do a patch test first over your inner elbow.  I like to apply this before makeup so my makeup will glide on...and after to get rid of that powdery effect.

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