Updated Spring Skincare Routine

Hi Bellas,
I've been posting a bunch of videos with my bare skin, no makeup on recently.  And a lot of you have been requesting an updated skincare routine.  Well I wanted to share with you some amazing products that have been really good to me lately.  I can definitely count on these bad boys and have been using them for several months.  Check it out!

The first stop is Cleanser.  I wash my face with Ofra's Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser first.  This is my 3rd bottle of it and it's already been featured in a favorites video.  I love the foamy texture and the smell is amazing.  It leaves my skin clean but not overly dry.  My fiance also uses this everyday.
Next, I like to apply a facial oil.  This really helps with my dry patches and in the long run this step will help keep my skin firm and prevent wrinkles.  To save time, I'll mix my oil with a facial serum - an absolute must-have in my skincare routine.  I notice if I skip serum my skin definitely isn't as soft and moisturized and my face feels uncomfortable throughout the day. 
I love using Mario Badescu's Rose Hip Oil to mix in with my Ofra Peptide Silk Serum.  I just mix them together in my palm and apply it to my skin before moisturizing.  I also like Tarte's Pure Maracuja Oil but I like to save it for colder months since it's a bit thicker.  The Ofra Vitamic C Serum is a very light liquid consistency, so I think it's also better for hotter months when you don't want something heavy on your skin.
Next I apply eye cream.  My undereye area can get pretty dry and I also notice that if I don't apply eye cream it feels a little rough during the day.  I've been using Mario Badescu Hylauronic Eye Cream for years.  It lasts forever, moisturizes well and it doesn't leave a weird residue.  I apply just a dab of the product to both my eyelids and underneath the eyes.  I recommend that everyone use an eye cream to protect the thin skin around our eyes so that we can keep the wrinkles at bay.
Last is moisturizer.  When Ofra introduced me to their Advanced Vitamin C Cream about a year and a half ago I was sold!  It it such a nice texture and leaves your skin so soft and moisturized without feeling heavy.  This is my second tub of the stuff and I will be a faithful user.  I love their Vitamin C Line.  This is also an everyday product for my fiance. 

I will also use speciality items like masks and facial sprays in my routine but these are my everyday rockstar skincare products.  I hope it was helpful!  Here are some links to where you can find these products.
FTC Disclosure:  Some products provided for review others I paid for.  I am not being paid to make this post and these are my honest thoughts and opinions.