Monday, December 8, 2014

Beauticontrol Review and Swatches

Hi Bellas,

It's time for another review!  Today i'm featuring some new products from a line called Beauticontrol.  They've got a wide range of products with some beautiful shades to choose from.  I love when I can share a new brand with you, check it out!

Onto the review!

Intense Mineral Shadow Trio in Uptown Girl $20
I found this to be a very wearable trio.  The packaging is simple, and the colors all have a metallic finish that coordinate nicely together.  I found the shadows to give off medium pigmentation with a smooth finish with the exception of the charcoal which I found to be much more vibrant.  

To get more intensify, I'd apply them with a damp brush.  I'd say this is a great palette for the everyday makeup wearer who wants a decent amount of color without going over the top.

Pure Touch Blush in Cider $20  
This blush was my favorite products of all that I reviewed.  The shade Cider is a great color for both the eyes and cheeks.  It's got a very smooth and silky finish and can be worn as a sheer wash of color on the crease to help blend or on the cheeks as a blush/bronzer.

I think that this blush is especially flattering for those who like warm tones and who favor a bronzey glow.

Dramatic Lash Mascara $25
My lashes are the worst - they're thin and short and very straight.  I found that this mascara had a good formula which contained Carnauba extract to thicken and moisturize lashes- it was non clumping, and I like the consistency.

Lip Shine Lighted Lip Gloss in Full Exposure $22
I'm a sucker for a nude gloss - this mauvey shade to me is the kind of universal color that looks good on everyone.  I found the formula to be non-sticky and to give off a high gloss.  

As a bonus, the gloss contains jojoba seed oil for moisture and also comes with a nifty mirror and LED light that lasts for 18 hours-great for touchups!

Color Impact Eyeshadow in Copper $18
This single eyeshadow is like a mini version of the blush in a cute, patchworked compact.  I found that it gave off a soft, satin finish and offered medium pigmentation.  
The formula contains apple cell extract to fill and blurs wrinkles.  It's a very wearable shade and a great finish for mature skin.

Lip Perfecting Pencil in Natural $25
I will say that all the shades I received to test out are super wearable and great for many skin tones. This retractable lip pencil is a great "my lips but better shade" for me. 

The formula contains antioxidant Vitamins C and E and also minimizes feathering and fading.  You can see that the formula is nice and opaque and applies very smoothly on the lips.

Hydra Brilliance Lip Color in Raisin $18 
I love the packaging of this lipstick.  The steel tube feels nice and heavy in the hands and it has a magnetic closure so that the cap snaps back on - no more lost lipstick caps in the purse!

I'm a fan of this plumy shade and found it to be very creamy, smooth and pigmented.  There is no scent which is great for those of you with any sensitivities or allergies. I will definitely be rocking this color this season.  

I hope you all enjoyed this review and were able to get some info on a new brand with some really great products.  Of them all I really recommend the blush and lipstick.  You can find these products at  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I feature a very pretty fall look using these products.


The Real Spa Girl said...

Awesome RenRen! Thanks for highlighting our amazing brand. I am a BeautiControl Director right here in Atlanta. You can get these products locally from me or from

Kyle Grinnage said...

RenRen...Beauticontrol is a well known secret. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag! Since 1991 my clients have been using Beauticontrol to make their eyes pop, their lips luscious and their skin silky smooth. Welcome to Beauticontrol world!

Yaeisha Slack said...

Thank you RenRen for this awesome review- The Beauti in You, Philadelphia PA

Jennifer Kennedy said...

Thanks so much RenRen for reviewing our amazing line of cosmetics and introducing them to the world!! I am a Director up in Canada, and I have been making a great living with Beauticontrol, this company is an amazing one to be partnered with. For anyone looking for Beauticontrol products in Canada, check out

Heather Janicki said...

RenRen, thank you for such a great review of BeautiControl, the #1 premium spa brand...and the best kept secret (something our amazing consultants are changing daily). Contact Heather Janicki if you are looking for an independent consultant in the Chicago/Rockford, IL area & suburbs. Combat signs of aging with our Cosmeceutical strength anti-aging fountain of youth skin care treatments and dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes with our TFF treatments. Find your best runway make up colors, reveal your trapped beautiful skin by exfoliating, look 10-15 years younger...I can show you how...schedule a complimentary sampling appointment today!

Vickie Rowland said...

Thank you RenRen for the review! BeautiControl has amazing skin care and anti aging products also to go along with the makeup. I live in Tennessee and anyone interested in trying products can go to

Vickie Rowland said...

Thank you RenRen for the review! BeautiControl has amazing skin care and anti aging products also to go along with the makeup. I live in Tennessee and anyone interested in trying products can go to