Nails of the Week: Lime Crime Peaches and Cream

Hi Bellas,

I don't often do nail posts on this blog, although I adore a good mani and pedi.  I recently picked up a new polish from Lime Crime at PhamExpo, took a few good nail shots and thought I'd give you a review! Check it out!

 When I was at PhamExpo, I finally had a chance to get in line and purchase some of their much lusted after cosmetic line.  I mean, unicorns on packaging?  How could I say no?  I wasn't planning on getting a nail polish but this shade Peaches and Cream spoke to me.  This summer I'm all about nude shades. 

Looking at the model I thought it'd be more of a very light cream with a tinge or peach.  However, the frosted bottle mutes the true color shade.
On the nails it really is more of a peaches and cream shade.  In person, it has a bit of a soft neon vibe which I don't like as much.  The polish didn't apply as easily as I would have liked - the first coat was a bit bumpy but the second coat evened it out.  I have two coats on in the picture - it dried in an average amount of time, not much of a super shiny finish. I painted it on top of my gel nails which were fading and then finished with a top coat which gave it a bit more shine.
I think the nail polish formula is average - the color is pretty, but the packaging is gorgeous.  It retails for about $8 which I think is reasonable.  You can find it at

Hope you guys enjoyed.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

The color actually looked much more neon on my nails.  It didn't apply as evenly as I would hope.