Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another product review from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I've been playing around with their new Pro Pencils which claim to be 5 products in one.  Check out my review!

Here's what the product claims:

Conceal blemishes, dark circles, and flaws. Highlight the brows, face and eyes. Cover brow hairs as they grow back in. Line your lips and even prime your lids for eye shadow. Pro Pencil does the work of 5 makeup bag must-haves in one portable pencil.

First Impressions
First off, I like the shape of the pencil.  It's got a nice point but a thicker shape so you can use it on small areas like the eyes or larger areas like the face.  It has a clear cap which is secure and let's you see the two different shades:  Base 1 and Base 2.

Both shades are definitely skin tone is more of a cream tone and the other has a slight peach shade.  Both are matte.
You'll definitely need a larger sharpener for these pencils.  The Anastasia dual sharpener has always been one of my favorites.
I find that the pencil is excellent for lining the waterline - a great trick to open/brighten the eyes without being a stark white which is an age old makeup trick.  The fact that the pencil is larger also makes it easier to line in my opinion.  I also love it for underlining the brows in place of concealer to get a clean brow look and hide any strays- it's quick, precise and easy!

I didn't find the pencil creamy enough to prime the eyes, or to highlight or line the lips.  I prefer something with more slip that can blend into the skin.  This may be because I have dryer skin but I'll stick with actual concealers to do the highlighting and priming.

Overall, I found these pencils to be very handy.  I love the jump pencil shape for quick brow and waterline work.  I will definitely be using it in my kit and personal makeup bag.

This pencil retails for $18 at

Hope you guys enjoyed!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!