Vlog - Dirty Thirty Memorial Weekend with the Girls!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday!  Today I wanted to share a super fun video with you all.  I think this is only my 4th ever vlog, but it's a good one.  The besties and I take a road trip to our home town Orlando to celebrate the year of our 30th birthdays.  Hope you enjoy!
Check out the video!

We love going to Florida because 3 of the 4 of us were raised there, and we have free food and housing with our parents lol.  We had a fabulous time at the outlets, club and the beach.  This is literally the only group shot that I got of us at dinner, lol.  But overall it was good to get away and get some quality girl time.  My actual birthday isn't until June 24th, but we all celebrated a bit early.  Thirties, here I come!