Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Giveaway: BrushLab BOGO and a Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday!  My Friends at BrushLab have sent me one of their newest brushes to review.  On top of that I have an extra one to giveway.  Gotta love Friday Giveaways.

As you've seen in my pictures and videos, my hair is long and thick.  I need some quality brushes in my life.  Interestingly enough I've purchased quite a few that just don't work - I can tell immediately because it tangles in my hair and can't get through the thickness.  
BrushLab has supplied me with one of my Holy Grail Boar Bristles brushes and I'm always open to seeing anything new they have to send my way.  They recently sent me the BrushLab Zebra Paddle Brush.  I don't have a favorite paddle brush in my life so I was down for trying something new.
Gotta love an animal print design!  It definitely is more fun than a plain black brush.
First off, this brush is huge!  Here it is compared to a regular sized hairbrush.  I love that because it works great for my thick, almost waist length hair.
The bristles really detangle my hair well.  They have a little ball cap on them so they glide smoothly through my rooms and the padded base allows for more cushion more movement when brushing your hair.
 And Guess What?  BrushLab is having a Mother's Day Sale through the end of May for this paddle brush.
On top of this, I'm giving one of the zebra paddle brushes away!  Here's how to win:
  • Follow my blog (Blue Follow Button to the Right)
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me why you'd like to win
  • Open internationally

Good luck everyone!

You can find out more about Brushlab at  Follow them on their FB page: and follow them on twitter:

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beautfuLLy_h0p3l3ss said...

Would love to win because my brush is starting to get older and it's plain black..these are cute!

Chantel said...

Awesome giveaway. I would love to win because I need a new hair brush!

Belle said...

awww. that's one pretty brush. Have been neglecting my hair for quite a while, but i love it so much, have waist length like yours. :) using an ordinary comb or just combing them with my fingers, this would be a great addition. :)

maly vang said...

I would like to win because in my house, there are four girls and we all share only one brush! Sometimes the brush disappears and we don't get to brush our hair.

Annie said...

I would love to win because my daughter and I wake up with tangled hair. It's so bad we can't even run our fingers through it. We must be crazy sleepers hahah. I'm surprised we haven't broken our Goody brush yet.

Nartian Knits said...

I'd love to win for my girls since we all have different hair. My's thin & shoulder length, my older daughter has long wavy hair & my youngest fine straight, but bountiful long hair.

Makeupaddict716 said...

Want to win soo bad!!!

whitewallet04 said...

i want to win because need a big paddle brush just like this! :) i have lots of hair and small hair brushes is not just for me!

jezzhae said...

love to win.. gift for my mom pls.

meemers said...

I would like to win, because it has been literally YEARS since I had a new brush!

Acrosa78 said...

Don't know if it's still open but I would live to win cuz who doesn't need another brush !!! Plus my brush is looking raggedy!