Product Review: M. Steves' Miracle Oil for All Skin Types

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday!  I'm back with another review.  As you know I take skincare seriously.  My good friend put me onto this brand.  I tell yah, it's a miracle oil.  Dry and oily skin ladies alike, check it out!

First off, kudos on nice packaging and presentation.  The inside flap of my shipped box contained product information as soon as I lifted the cover.  M. Steves is a completely natural anti-aging skincare line founded by Mally Steves Chakola.  This corporate attorney discovered the benefits of this natural oil found in the Andes when she found that it dramatically reduced keloid scarring on her leg after a near fatal car accident.  So cool right?

Next I received this super girly giftbag with a bright pink bow.  It's in the details.
The product itself is called M. Steves Ultra Nourishing Boost.  It is packed with Rose Hip Seed Oil for a multitude of nourishing, good skin qualities.

Here's what the company claims:
•   Intensely hydrates and nourishes
•   Firms and smooths fine lines
•   Absorbs quickly with dry finish
•   Evens appearance of skin tone
•   Results in glowing, transformed skin

I decided to give it a try.  I do like the concept of adding this oil into my skincare routine as it's very beneficial for my dry skin.  

I love that you get a full 1 oz of product and the pump dispenses the perfect amount each time.
There are so many uses for this oil.  Rub in a few drops as a skin serum or mix in a few drops with your moisturizer to make it even more nourishing.  That's what I do!  It makes my existing moisturizing penetrate my skin even more.  It's heaven to my dry skin.  My skin glows and feels soft and plump.  Best yet, the product is not super greasy, it absorbs immediately and has not synthetic fragrances, dyes or parabens.
It's also great for acne scarring and oily skin as the product helps to balance out the overproduction of oil.  I can't wait to try mixing this in with my foundation for a custom tinted moisturizer. 

This product has worked amazingly well for my skin.  I really feel like I've gotten my glow back.  It's a luxury skincare line but if you're serious about your skin, this is still an affordable investment and will last you a really long time.  You can check it out at