Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quick Wal-mart Drugstore Makeup Haul/Review

Hi Bellas,

I picked up a few drugstore makeup items at Wal-Mart a little while ago.  I've had a chance to try some of them out so not only is it a mini haul but also a review!  There are definitely some thumbs up as well as downs in this post.  Check it out!

I picked this up after an Instragram Follower requested me to try it out.  I'm actually going to do a video demo on it but preliminarily thumbs up!
I saw another YouTuber mention this as a monthly favorite and wow it's made mine for February, stay tuned for more.
I love the regular version of this concealer and decided to try the corrector since I'm a huge fan of salmon concealers.  Ehhhh I'm not overwhelmingly impressed.
I have the full sized version of this brush and decided to pick up the travel size for my travel makeup bag.
This looked like an affordable interesting dupe for the beauty blender...details and review to come but preliminarily thumbs down.
That's all for now folks, you'll definitely be seeing these products in my upcoming videos.  Stay tuned!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.  All products purchased by me.


Julie P. said...

Heard the CG foundation was amazing so I picked one up a few weeks ago. Been wearing it often for the past week and loving it!!! Best drugstore foundation so far that I have tried. :)

LaDonna Marie said...

have also heard great things about the new CoverGirl foundation... been waiting to see someone with a skin tone more like mine to review.

MakeupByRenRen said...

thanks guys! i plan on filming a video today!

Jasmin said...

Awesome pick ups. Can't wait to see the outcome.