Makeup Kit Haul - Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan and More!

Hi Guys,

I'm super lucky because here in Atlanta I have this awesome theatrical makeup show called Norcostco - it's also available online to those not in the city.  They have a great range of brands from Graftobian to Ben Nye, Mehron and Dermablend.  Their busiest time of year is before Halloween and I stopped by to pick up some goodies.  Here's my massive haul!
This Kryolan Gel Foam is used to make custom prosthetics.  It was expensive!  I didn't get a chance to play with it this year, but next halloween I plan to experiment with it.  One of my goals in 2013 is to step up my FX game and hopefully take a few classes.
I picked up an extra Zuca pouch, these definitely come in handy.
You may have noticed during my Harley Quinn tutorial that I struggled getting a perfectly white face.  I wish I had this stuff!  This clown white makeup is so pigmented, and it's in an easy to apply cream consistency.  I bought a huge tub because my BF plans on doing some volunteer work as a clown in a children's hospital soon - I can't wait to do his makeup!
Check out all these Ben Nye loose powders - I got a nice range to add to my kit that would look awesome on Women of Color.
I also picked up a huge pack of wedge sponges.  Always need those!
I picked up another one of these Ben Nye palettes.  I already have one and love it.  One is going straight to the Zuca.  I love how it's very large and easy to clean.
I used these Ben Nye and Mehron grease paint wheels for Halloween and they were awesome - they really go on like butter and the bruise/blood tones are perfect for gorey looks.
I was interested to try this Derma Color fixing spray and wow, this is the ultimate of makeup setters!  It literally creates a barrier between your makeup, almost like a clear film.  This stuff works!
I picked up my favorite color corrector from Ben Nye - I even got a back-up!
I just love pinkey bronze glitter shades.  I picked up a glitter from Ben Nye and the glitter glue.  It's an interesting formula - a liquid that gets a bit sticky.  It works pretty good.
I couldn't resist these lashes.  Check out the bling!  I pan on putting them on top of a fuller pair and i'm saving them for just the right occasion.
I've been wanting Ben Nye shadows for a while and I picked up a nice range of shades!  I put them in an empty 10 pan palette from Graftobian.  You might have seem some in my latest tutorial.  Only one of the shades was a little chalky (top left) but overall they're pretty awesome.
That's my haul! Hope you guys enjoyed!  You can find these items at

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored, all products purchased by me.

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