Makeup Forever Pro Road Show & AJ Crimson Makeup Class - Atlanta

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with a really exciting post.  This weekend I attended an amazing event.  The Makeup Forever Pro Road Show made their stop in Atlanta to give Makeup Artists and Backstage Pro Pass Members a chance to buy MUFE items at a great discount and also to network and take complimentary makeup classes.  I attended one by the amazing AJ Crimson called Beauty for Global Competition and I'll teach you what i learned.

The event was hosted in a ballroom of the W Midtown Hotel in Atlanta.  There was one large room - in the front there is a stage and a chair for the class and behind it they have different stations for you to look/swatch makeup and make your discounted orders.

Before the class I did a little shopping - picked up a bunch of MUFE brushes since I've never tried them before.
Take a look at the set-up they gave for AJ Crimson to choose from for his demonstration.
 I also ran into some of my friends - Leslie and Sheena pictured here.  I also met a bunch of YouTube subbies, it was a great time!

Now let's get to the class!
AJ Crimson - Beauty for the Global Complexion
Here are some of the main takeaways I took from class:
  • To combat a strong jaw, lighten it as opposed to emphasizing it with contour
  • Cream vs Powder to Contour?  Cream can be manipulated more, powder you need to commit
  • Match foundation to the center of the face and the chest as opposed to the jaw
  • For mature skin, build in thin layers, think of "staining the skin"
  • For discolored skin, you can block it out with a layer of neutralizing foundation, and then apply a foundation tone over it
  • Mix aqua seal with foundation to make it waterproof - cover tattoos and hands
  • For darker tones if you don't have to contour, reverse contour with a lighter powder under the jawbone

MUFE Products On the Model
  • Extreme Cleanser - oil based, to moisturize
  • Used full cover concealer in #14 and #12 as a foundation/concealer
  • Flash palette - red, yellow, brown, pink for lips, contouring
  • Clear lip gloss - used on lips and eyelids
  • Zero translucent powder - to set everything and highlight
One really cool part of the class was when AJ Demonstrated how to contour using the brown cream color in the MUFE flash palette.  He did it on the model as well as a fairer skinned attendee from the audience.  He was super interactive with the crowd, answering questions and often bringing them on stage for demonstration.
Check out the model's before and after!
Fierce cheekbone contour!
Here's a shot of AJ, the model and myself.  By now I've spent time with AJ at quite a few events from assisting, to the Makeup Shows and classes.  He even gave me a shout-out during his class!  I am proud to not only call him a Makeup Inspiration but a friend.
Hope this was helpful!  Personally I learned a lot and hope I was able to pass the knowledge to you.  I have a crazy ridiculous haul featuring the MUFE products I purchased coming soon.  I'm waiting for some of the products to ship - this might just be my biggest haul ever lol, stay tuned!

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