I'm in Alcone's Catalog!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post chocked full of makeup goodies.  A few days ago, I received some surprise products in the mail from Alcone.  For those who don't know, they are a huge supplier of Makeup and Kit Essentials for MUAs out there.  I was also recently in their catalog with a testimonial of one of my Holy Grail Must-Haves.  Check it out!
Recently, I was featured in Alcone's Catalog with a quote on my absolute favorite eyelash curler from Preo.  I've mentioned it multiple times before.  The individual curler is great for getting hard to reach little lashes.  It's also awesome for pinching together your falsies and real lashes.  I use it to avoid the droopy lash look and to give eyes the doll-eye effect.
Alcone sent me the catalog along with some favorites including their Make-Off wipes.  These wipes smell great and are super smoothing.  I love how they're individually wrapped so that they don't dry out and they're great for grabbing on the go.
Before the Beauty Blender, Alcone's wedge sponges were the go-to for makeup artists.  There's something about them - they're fuller, softer and denser than the average sponge.
Their face-matte oil absorbing sheets are also great.  I keep these in my wedding kit - giving the bride a few in her touch-up bag.  It also counts as that "something blue"!

Thank you Alcone for all the goodies!  If you're a makeup artist or just obsessed with beauty stuff, definitely check out www.Alconeco.com - it's a makeup wonderland and great for stocking the kit.