Review - Couleur Caramel Natural Makeup (feat in August Favorites)

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I'm back with another review! I actually wore some of these products in my latest videos - Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Collection, Target Haul, August Favorites and got a lot of compliments.  Now it's time for me to share this little secret with you...the Couleur Caramel line is really amazing!  It's an eco-friendly French brand trying to open itself to the US for Spas, Organic Boutiques and Prestige Stores.

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First off, I really was impressed by the overall packaging and quality of the product.  I was sent a nice variety of different products so that I could really get a feel for the line.  Taking a look at the product guide book I could see that they have a huge range to choose from.  Some of my products had French wording on it but I could still figure out what each product was from the guide book and they also have a US website.  Onto the review!

Natural Skin Care Fluid Foundation Refill Tube $30.25, shade n04
I actually received the refill tube but I am fine with the packaging.  You can also buy container to store this.  This is my favorite product out of the line.

Some of my observations:
-The color looked light by swatch, but blended perfectly into my skin tone
-Luminous finish
-Nice yellow undertone
-Reminds me of a face and body type of foundation
-Citrus scent
-I would definitely repurchase this

Terre Caramel Bronzer $33.50, shade n04
This is a delicate baked bronzer.  I was almost afraid to damage it because it looked so nice and light in the pan.

Some of my observations:
-Nice finish
-Gives a great glow to the skin without being over the top
-Can use for contour
-Not overly shimmery, has a nice sheen
-You might get a bit of powder/dust on the packaging after sweeping your brush on it.

Moisturizing Natural Lipstick $21, shade n223
I was interested in testing out this lipstick but it wasn't my favorite product of the line.

Some of my observations:
-The texture was a bit gritty
-Enriched with active vegetable ingredients
-49 shades available
-I received a deep red shade similar to MAC Dubonnet
-Opaque coverage
-Didn't like the taste

Eyeshadows, Matte Eyeshadow, $15.25, shade n82
The eyeshadows are all available in pans with a recyclable cardboard carrier and can then be placed in their eyeshadow pots.

Some of my observations:
-I received a gorgeous, matte teal color
-103 shades available
-opaque coverage but blends out a bit
-use with base so that the color really sticks
-smooth texture
-comes in a great, recyclable case and the pan sticks perfectly to a magnetic palette

Natural Eyebrow Pencil, $19, shade n120
I love brow pencils, especially ones that come with a spooly.  However I could tell immediately that the pencil's formula resembled more of an eyeliner.

Some of my observations:
-Very pigmented, too much so for a brow pencil
-Described as semi-hard but it's actually smudgy like a kohl pencil
-Nice as an eyeliner
-Spoolie is a little hard and rough
-Comes in 3 colors

Spangles, $21.50, shade n04
I was surprised that the brand even had it's own line of glitter.  I received a gorgeous color that's totally wearble.

Some of my observations:
-Fine glitter particles
-Not over the top, thin texture makes it very wearable and you can put it anywhere
-Pretty copper color
-Nice container with a small hole in the center so that glitter doesn't go everywhere

Natural Treating Lipgloss $23.25, shade n223
I'm not a huge fan of the lip products in the collection.  I don't know if it's because of the natural ingredients, but they don't perform as well as they're priced.

Some of my observations:
-I received a sheer, bronzey color
-Sweet taste, but waxy feel
-Too sheer
-14 shades available

Natural Anti-Dark Circle Corrective Cream $17.75
I was super excited that this brand came with a range of correctors...I think any brand that has them shows that they understand makeup.

Some of my observations:
-very light texture, easy to blend
-available in 6 colors - I received a nice peachy shade for correcting undereye circles, they also have green to correct redness
-light to medium coverage
-not as creamy as I'm used too but it's not greasy either - good for daily wear or for beginners

Short Eyelashes Mascara $24.25, shade n54
I received the blue shade which is a fun choice but it applies subtley as well.  It was the average mascara but made of all natural ingredients.

Some of my observations:
-Water based formula is less harsh on the eyes
-Contains two brush types - short or long
-4 colors available
-Performed like a standard, everyday mascara

Final Thoughts
Overall I think this is a great line.  I was really impressed by the quality, natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.  The products are priced at a premium level but honestly the quality of the makeup is worth it.  I highly highly recommend the foundation - I would definitely repurchase this in.  The packaging is recyclable and they offer refillable cases for their shadows, powders, and blushes and foundation.  They are nearly 100% eco-certified but make sure to list all the ingredients - what is natural and what isn't for consumers to know exactly what they're using.

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FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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