Celebrity Makeup Artist Series - Stephen Moleski

Hi Bellas,

Today's post is monumental...it's huge really.  I'm so excited to debut the first segment in my Celebrity Makeup Artist Series.  Blogging and Social Media has opened me up to so many opportunities, including the chance to speak with some of my Makeup Idols.  I wanted to share with you the wisdom of this select group...from how they first started, their journey, and how they got to where they are today.  My first post features the amazing Stephen Moleski. 

Stephen Moleski is an amazing talent who is famous for his work on some of our favorite celebrities including the Kardashian Sisters, Carrie Underwood, The Pussy Cat Dolls and so much more.  His work has graced the cover of all of the major publications including Vanity Fair, People, Maxim and the list continues.  Recently he's spread his talent into creating his own line of false lashes - Smoke & Mirrors Beauty.  I had an opportunity to ask him all of the questions I know my viewers are dying to know.

I’ve learned that you’ve always had the artistic bug in you.  How did you take the lead into getting involved in the international fashion and make-up industry?  
[SM] I just fell into it really.... I worked with some people in local fashion and truly fell into my career by just helping out backstage...

You can really tell that you love what you do.  What is your favorite thing about doing makeup? 
[SM]  I love making women feel beautiful! There is a sparkle in a woman’s eye that makes me love what I do!

You’ve touched the faces of many of our favorites Celebrities including the Kardashian Clan, Mel B, Nicole Scherzinger, Carrie Underwood, and most recently Pia Toscano…What celebrity would you love to work with next? 
[SM] I love Drew Barrymore and I think she would be amazing to work with!
(P.S. This video where Stephen showed YouTube how to create the signature Kim Kardashian smokey eye millions of views!  I've seen it multiple times!)

Many people look up to you as a successful artist and aspire to be at your level one day.  Who are you influenced by? 
[SM] My family for believing in me and always seeing my dreams! Also, my fans make me realize a lot about my career. 

All of my makeup junkies and makeup artists want to know, What are your Kit must haves? 
[SM] Smoke and Mirrors Beauty lashes, beauty blenders, YSL semi loose powder, Japonesque eyelash curlers, STUDIO FIX mascara, MODEL IN A BOTTLE, GIRLACTIK BRONZERS AND LIPGLOSS, RCMA foundation

Surely you’ve had many memorable moments, but what are some of your career highlights?  
[SM] Yesterday on set with Pia she was doing a interview and she put me being her makeup artist as one of her dreams coming true! I about cried.... then realized how far my career has come since she was 16 when she looked up to me as a makeup artist. (Pia was a makeup artist as well as a singer before American Idol)

Everyone leaves a legacy…how do you want to be remembered? 
[SM] Respected and loved

So what’s in store for you in the future? What's next? More lashes, more products? 
[SM] Well I am moving to Australia in a few days to work on XFactor. As for what’s next, there’s a ton but a lot of exciting things that you will just have to wait to hear about...
(ohhh...he's keeping us guessing.  We'll just have to follow him on twitter and hope we can catch glimpses of big things ahead...)

Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?  
[SM] Believe in yourself and have your style it’s what makes you... you!
(well said Stephen!)

Tell us about “Smoke and Mirrors Lashes"

Just simply, why lashes?  
[SM] Everyone always asked me about what lashes I used so I figured give my fans what they ask 
(BTW...i've tried some of the S&M lashes and OMG they're amazing...review to come!) 

What is your favorite lash combo? 
[SM] I love Vegas and sometimes pair it with Miami as a base!

Tell me about how you chose what lash to choose for each city? 
[SM] They are named after all the cities I work in. That simple! 

“Twitter Questions" - I wanted to give you all a chance to ask Stephen your own questions...here's what he had to say!

@MsKitaKita asks “How to keep a fab smokey look from running/smearing in a hot club or humid weather...”
[SM] Use a waterproof primer... I LOVE girlactik

@Venita asks “What are some of your favorite websites to get ideas” 
[SM] I don’t really surf the web.

@AiraD14 asks “What got them to the position they are now was it a friend recommendation, hard work etc”
[SM] all the above...

@BeautyByRivera asks “I would love to know how long they were working on their portfolios before finally getting signed or making it big” 
[SM] I’m always working on my portfolio and I’ve never been signed to an agency.... I like to hold on to my money... word of mouth has gotten me to where I am today... I do have a great management and PR team...

@princesslovelyy asks “How did they get started in the industry? And what tips can they give to aspiring Make-up artists” 
[SM] Follow your dreams and never take a job for granted...

@MuchMoToLove asks “I'd Like To Know If They Went To School For Makeup Artistry Or Not” – [SM] I did... but it was not for me ... high school art taught me most of what I already knew...

Thanks for the amazing interview Stephen!

You can find these luxurious lashes at boutiques around the country or online  at www.smokeandmirrorsbeauty.com and check out Stephen Moleski and his amazing work at www.stephenmoleski.com

P.S. - Stay tuned for an official review of the lashes.  You know that I’m a lash junkie.  I’ve been wearing them for the last few weeks and they are absolutely amazing!