Eve Pearl Makeover - Summer Eyes on Latina Skin

Hi Bellas!

I finally had a chance to show off my new Eve Pearl products. If you follow me on twitter you probably have heard me talking about this line for months. After watching Eve's videos on her youtube page as well as her Be-You-Ti-Fied series with Koren from Enkore Makeup, I was sold!

She makes makeup look so easy and her products are so multi-purpose and travel/kit friendly that I definitely wanted to get my hands on her line.

I started off with the essentials. As you may know, Eve breaks her products down into light, medium, tan and dark. I mainly chose products in the medium range since I thought they would be a good match for me. Unfortunately, the medium HD Dual foundation was a little light so I think I might go up to tan. However, all of the other medium products, including the concealer worked great!

I used my good friend Melissa as my model since the HD Medium foundation matched her perfectly! I actually had to film this video 3 times! The first two either didn't save or were corrupted...talk about frustrating.

The first video was a two parter showing me doing her foundation and then the second half showing off a smokey green eye tutorial. At least I have the pictures. I used mostly Eve Pearl products.

The second time around I said "Okay let's just do a foundation video and see how that turns out." Too bad the file was corrupted! Luckily the pictures saved and I can show you a before and after. No re-touching has been done...I used all Eve Pearl products.

Third times the charm! My third attempt was a sultry summer eyes look that went with Melissa's yellow shirt she was wearing to dinner. This is also a great everyday school/work look.

Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used (All Eve Pearl Products unless otherwise specified):

-Priming Moisturizer
-Anti-shine in Light/Medium
-HD Dual Foundation in Medium
-Salmon Concealer in Medium
-Sassy Cheeks Blush Trio in Medium
-HD Dual foundation as base
-Steelo Translucent Powder
-Au Natural Palette
-Liquid Liner in Black Pearl
-Black Mascara
-Red Cherry Lashes
-MAC Kohl pencil in smolder

-Cosmo lip pencil
-Honey Bunny/Baby Doll lipgloss duo

Check out my review on the products I used:

Salmon Concealer in Medium
The medium was a perfect match for both Melissa and myself. Crazy huh? The texture is super creamy...almost like Bobbi Brown concealers. I love how the color has the salmon tint but blends in well enough that I don't have to pair another concealer on top like I do with my Bobbi Brown corrector. You only need a tiny bit too because it is super pigmented. Melissa has really dark undereye circles and this covered it right up. Definitely a good investment if you have issues with this. I'll be looking into her Salmon Concealer trio for my kit.
HD Dual Foundation in Medium
I wish every company split their foundations into two tones like Eve - lighter side and a darker side. We all change colors year round from pale in the Winter to tanner in the Summer and the HD Dual Foundation cuts out the problem of having to run and buy multiple foundation shades year round. Like the concealer, it's super creamy. You can definitely mix them to get your perfect shade and also use both shades to contour and highlight. Extremely pigmented, this will last you forever. I'm a big fan of cream foundations because they're so versatile: wear them in cream state as a concealer, or thin them out with moisturizer for lighter coverage.

Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette
If you need a basic, everyday palette this is the one for you. It's super sleek and compact which is a blessing to people like me who are running out of space in their makeup kit/makeup drawer. There are six shades...top row shimmery, bottom matte. This is definitely a good thing so you can mix and match. You can even use the bottom row as eyebrow fillers. I used this palette on Melissa and I love how it came out...and I'm not usually a neutral makeup kind of girl.

Tips for Using this Palette: The colors blend really easily. You may want to build the layers of color since they blend into each other so easily and tend to disappear a bit...that will maintain the pigmentation and make sure it lasts. Also, make sure to tap the excess off your eyeshadow brush before you apply the shadows because they tend to have a bit of crumbling.
Lipliner in Cosmo
What a versatile liner. The pinky/neutral shade is a perfect match for most skin tones. She has one other shade in Caramel for darker skin tones. This is part of Eve Pearl's philosophy...simplifying the makeup process down to the necessities. She's been doing it for years and knows what works. If you have read Kevyn Aucoin's Faces Forward, he pretty much sticks to two lip liners: a lighter neutral and a darker neutral...that's all you need! Eve's lipliners are super creamy which make them very easy to apply. They also come with a lipbrush on the other end to help blend out the line.

Anti-Shine in Light/Medium

I've never really used anti-shines before but it seems like a staple in many kits out there. I was excited to try this tinted anti-shine in light/medium. I don't really have oily skin so I'm still in the process of testing it out on clients. The consistency is not as siliconey as I would think...it's a mix between silicone and gel. I recommend placing this after the priming moisturizer in the oily areas like the nose, middle of forehead and the cheeks.

Blush Trio Sassy Cheeks - Medium
Eve Pearl does it again with super convenient packaging. This trio contains a peach shade, a pink shade, and a shimmery bronzer. Mix all three and you're wearing a blush, bronzer, and shimmer powder all at the same time! The medium trio is a beautiful mix of colors that looks like a natural flush. I definitely recommend using a fan brush with these...it fits so nicely in between the blush wells. This versatile palette would work on light to tan skin tones. If you're a makeup artist, get all three trios which would take up hardly any room (stacked...maybe the size of a regular MAC foundation compact) in your kit...and then you'd be set with blush!

Kisses of Pearl Lipgloss Combo in Baby Doll/Honey Bunny
Out of the the 5 duos, I picked this one because anybody could wear it. One side is peachy and the other pinky gold. I like to use the peachy shade all over the lips and the pinky gold in the center for a full lip look. I wish all companies had lipglosses that have the tubes pop off to be mixed and matched. What a space saver! Also a plus, the glosses aren't sticky at all.

Priming Moisturizer
Another great dual use product. The fact that this product primes and moisturizes really cuts down on a lot of time. This past weekend I used this product at a wedding and it really saved some time when my makeup time got cut short. The product spreads easily but is extremely liquidy...on more than one occasion I held the tube too tightly without the cap and a whole bunch of product got squeezed out...so sad to waste so much product...maybe a different dispenser would make this better. Also, the primer isn't as siliconey as I'm used too...but it doesn't make it any less effective. I'm definitely keeping this in my kit for the fact that it cuts out an extra few minutes in a makeup routine.

Eve Pearl Mascara
This mascara isn't waterproof but when I applied it to Melissa using the pinky behind the lashes trick...I noticed that stuff really stays! I had to kind of work to get it off my finger, lol. The formula is a nice mix between creamy and liquidy so it goes on really easy.

Eve Pearl Liquid Liner in Black Pearl
I wanted to try this product because I'm a huge liquid liner fan. That's the only thing I use to line my top lashline. At first, I thought this product would be very similar to MAC's penultimate liner which I love...but upon testing they're very different. Unlike MAC's felt tip applicator, Eve Pearl's liquid liner has a very thin applicator which is actually an eyeliner brush made of separate bristles. This made precise lining easier because the shape of the bristles doesn't flatten and expand like a felt tip liner. The color is a rich black that doesn't face.

Definitely check out this line of products at http://www.evepearl.com/ especially if you're a makeup artist or looking to simplify your own personal traincase. These products are definitely an investment...the price point is similar to other high end department store brands, but these products are often two in one (lipglosses, lipliner pencil/brush, dual foundation), three in one (blush trios), or 6 in one (eyeshadow palettes). That's definitely something to consider if you're thinking twice of purchasing because of the price alone.

I definitely plan on making more videos using her products. Stay tuned for more!