5 Essentials Steps to Prepare for Your Professional Makeup Session

Hi Bellas,

Are you ready to sit in the artist's chair? 💄 As a Professional MUA, I find that a prepared client makes the makeup turn out better and the appointment is efficient and more enjoyable. I've compiled a list of some top tips to prepare for your makeup session with a professional.

My clients always ask what they need to do to get ready for their Makeup Artist.  I've made it super simple for you.  Whether you're getting your makeup for a special event, or even a makeup lesson, here are 5 steps that you can do in the days before your professional makeup session:

  1. Hydrate
    : Drink plenty of water the day before your appointment. Hydrated skin is the best canvas for makeup application.

  2. Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate your skin the night before to remove dead skin cells for a smoother makeup application. Don't use any new products as we don't want you having a reaction. It's best to test new products for a few weeks prior to your session.

  3. Groomed Brows: Ensure your brows are groomed. That can be threading, waxing, or plucking yourself. Again, give yourself time to have skin heal prior to your makeup appointment. This will help your makeup artist shape them perfectly to frame your face.

  4. Clean Face: Come with a clean, moisturized face to your session. This allows the makeup to adhere better and last longer.

  5. Inspiration Ready: Have your makeup inspo pics ready. It helps your makeup artist understand your vision and create the perfect look for you.

Remember, every masterpiece starts with a well-prepared canvas. Follow these steps and get ready to shine! ✨ Now that you're ready for your professional makeup session, visit www.RenelynThomas.com to book your next appointment!