4 Month Pregnancy Bump Date - Baby #2

 Hi Bellas,

I'm catching you up on my 4 month update.  After this I'll be caught up lol.  In this video I also do another Get Ready with Me showing you my daytime makeup I wore for my gender reveal.  

Check out the video!

Baby is 16 weeks and currently the size of a bell pepper!


Nausea is gone - unless I don't eat and get hungry.  I try to eat small meals throughout the day and carry snacks.  I'm supposed to be eating 300 extra calories to feed the baby but I'm just trying to eat so I feel full and getting my balance of protein, fats and carbs.

Headaches - The only medicine you're really allowed to take is Tylenol.  I used to take Excederin Migraine but my doctor advised against that.  But I can take two extra strength Tylenol with a caffeinated drink.

Baby Kicks - I definitely think I feel the baby kicking even though it's still early. But the second time around you can tell a lot earlier.

16 Week Doctor Appointment - I got more blood work to test for Spina Bifida and Placenta disruption.  The doctor used the doppler and the baby's heart beat is going strong at about 150 beats a minute.

Bella Update 

Bella is now kissing my tummy and acknowledging the baby. She knows there is a baby but I'm not sure  if she understands it's for real.  I also have to dodge her toddler exuberance because she might actually hit the tummy.


I purchased the Burt's Bees Belly Oil for my itchy growing tummy.  It was very affordable on Amazon , feels nice and moisturizing without being greasy and I like the scent. I' m also planning on buying more maternity wear.  Stay tuned for a maternity haul soon!

Atlanta Makeup Artist 

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