MaMakeup Kit Hack - Depotting Wipes/Tissues/Paper Towels

 Hi Bellas,

My Covid-19 Kit Redo has continued. I w anted to share this quick video on how I've been able to condense my paper towels, tissues and wipes while also keeping them contained and covered so they're not exposed to Covid. It's a very affordable and easy way to condense these bulky items in your kit and great for travel. Check it out!

You can watch the video here

I found the travel wipe containers on amazon.  I like them because they're non-proud and wipeable, and super affordable.  You can get a six pack of them for under $12.  Basically you can fix just enough wipes in each container so downsize the space these products usually take up in your kit.  I put just enough in my micro kit and refill later.  They have the flip top lid which keeps wipes wet, and also allow you to grab one wipe at a time so that you're not exposing the rest of the stash to the air, and possible contamination.  There is also a convenient snap strap so you can attach his to the outside of your train case, bag, or even keep anywhere you need them within easy reach.

Here's a link to the Travel Wipes Containers on Amazon 

Tip - If you're putting paper towel in them, I recommend using the stacking paper towels you find in a paper towel dispenser in a commercial bath room.  Then you need to cut about 3 inches off the edges so that you can fit it in the case.  This is shown in my video.

Here's a link to my Makeup Artist Covid-19 Kit Upgrades and Recommendations

I'm obsessed with condensing my kit and making it more safe. More videos coming soon!

FTC Disclosure: Amazon affiliates link included. I am not being paid to make this post but I do make a commission of products purchased from my links.