Toddler Must-Haves!

Hi Bellas,
It's been a minute but I'm finally back with another video in my baby series. Bella is almost 2 years old, and I thought it'd be a great time to share some of the items that have helped me survive going into her terrible twos. This video is not sponsored just items that have really worked for me and hopefully will help you too!

Check out the video!

Here are the items I mentioned:

Bubble blower  - Bella is obsessed with bubbles but the regular bubble wands were so messy. She kept spilling the containers. This is awesome. It lights up, plays music and and shoots tons of bubbles with a press of a button.

Night Light I like that this night light has two options - 50% and 100%. I keep it at 50% so the room isn't too bright where she can still fall asleep but if she wakes up she's not freaked out by pitch darkness. This is also super affordable and very cute in terms of decor.

Baby Sound Machine - This machine is so simple. I like that it can play all night long (something my Alex and YouTube failed at). I currently use the lullaby sounds but it has a bunch of options - water, heartbeat, etc.
Toddler Weighted blanket - I really think this helps comfort my toddler and keep her sleep longer without having me to hold her.

Light switch cover - Bella can reach light switches and tries to interrupt nap and bedtime by during them on. This cover is really easy to install and makes bed time much smoother now.
FTC Disclosure: Amazon affiliate links included. Video not sponsored.