Six Months Baby and Post Partum Update - First Baby!

Hi Bellas,

A little late but here is Bella's latest update video!  I give you all the tea on Bella turning 6 months old.  I also share about how I'm reaching my post partum weight loss goals and how I'm getting ready for Bella's first big trip.  Check it out!

Mommy Updates
  • Post Partum Weight Loss - I'm still going strong with Keto.  Less then 10 pounds to my first goal.  My breast milk supply hasn't diminished.  I'm feeling like my old self again.
  • Exclusively Pumping - I couldn't get baby girl to latch after my leg infection at 4 months so I resigned myself to exclusively pumping.  It's tough pumping every 3 hours but I'm doing what I have to do.  My goal is to make it to 12 months.
  • Hair Growth - I feel like my hair has finally grown back after my huge hair loss between 3 and 6 months.  I have a video to show you my secret to growing it back coming soon!

Baby Updates
  • Solid Foods - We just started baby on solid foods.  So far it's a mix of breast milk and rice cereal.  She's slowly getting used to it.  We'll introduce soft mushed and pureed fruits and vegetables first.
  • Nested Bean Swaddle Review - I purchased a transition swaddle for Bella to help her with sleep training.  I saw an ad of Facebook for a swaddle with a bean bag weight on the chest to help them feel comforted.  Well, it didn't work for us! We returned it and moved onto plan B.
  • SwaddleDesigns Covertible Swaddle Sack Review - A few months ago I was contacted by Swaddle Designs to try out their convertible swaddle.  Bella is finally able to fit it and she's been wearing it every day. The design is also called Bella, how perfect is that!  I love how the arms are up and you can flip the sleeves so she can have hands up.  It also has a two way zipper so you can change her easily and let her legs out.  The material is really nice, the highest quality of all my swaddles.  If you're looking for a transitional swaddle I highly recommend.  You can check them out at

  • First Cold - Bella got her first cold at 6 months which I hear is pretty normal.  She doesn't go to daycare so we're not used to her being sick.  It took about 2 weeks of sleepless nights but she's better.  We did a lot of saline drops and nose suction since she's too little for a lot of medicines.
  • First Plane Trip - Bella's first plane trip to Florida was only an hour long but it was rough!  They delayed the plane on the runway so we sat in our seats for over an hour, that was where everything went wrong.  We learned a lot from this flight so we'll be ready for the next one.  Tip - have lots of things to distract the baby!

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