Hi Bellas,

I'm back with my 35 weeks bump date!  I am so proud of me and hubby, getting our baby classes on and educating ourselves for baby girl's arrival.  Don't you love this shirt too?  Under $10 steal at Ross.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

  • Baby is 18 inches snd 5.25 pounds
  • Labor & Delivery Class - Hubby and I took an accelerated Labor & Delivery Class for our Hospital Northside.  I did the online portion and then we attended a 3 hour in person class.  I liked this one because it was super interactive.  We learned different pain management techniques such as using birthing balls and working with our spouses for massages.  I definitely recommend it.
  • Online Breastfeeding Course - I finished this course online since the in person classes were full till after my birth.  It was very informative.  I definitely got great tips on both breastfeeding, recognizing baby's feeding cues, as well as pumping and storing breast milk.  It took about 3 hours but I'm glad I did it.  I also plan on hiring a lactation consultant for a few visits after baby girl is born - it's 100% covered by my insurance.
  • 35 Week Doctor's Appt - This appointment was quick and easy.  Quick check and next week will be my final bloodwork and cervix check.

  • Belly has dropped - this mean I can eat more, yay!
  • Harder to walk - I get winded and there's so much pressure down there.
  • Gassy - When ever I get up from laying down I always burp or pass gas, it's so weird!  I guess because all the intestines straighten out.
  • Back pain - I've been continuing to use my heating pad which works wonders.  I've been using my new yoga ball but it's a little too small and not firm enough.
  • Pressure down there - Occasionally I still feel extreme pressure in my but and vajayjay...this baby is making her way down!
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