Travel Vlog - Part 2 - First Days in Cairo

Hi Bellas,

Thanks for checking out part 2 of my travel vlog series to Egypt.  In this video I show you our first days in Egypt as we travel from Cairo, where I take you to the Pyramids and then off to a Nile River Cruise!

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We stayed at the Marriott in Cairo.  It was a nice huge hotel on the Nile River.  They had this awesome Shisha lounge with food and drink and live Egyptian singers.

I tried this Egytian dessert called Fetir - an amazing doughy treat with honey and powdered sugar on top.  I'd describe it as a flaky dessert roti.

Check out these awesome carvings - you can still see the original colors.  They used a natural, mineral mix to create the shades.

These are the oldest pyramids in Egypt - at Sakkara.

The Sphinx!  You can't get right up to it because it has a barrier blocking it off, but there is a nice rooftop view close by.

Depending on your camera angle you can get a lot of amazing pictures.  There are a lot of local vendors who will try to help you take pics, just be cautious because they'll expect a tip which can be a little high.  And you never want to pass off your phone or camera to a stranger.

Jumping pyramid shot!

We also visited a Papyrus factory - you see how it's made and how to detect the real from the fake.

At the end of the Vlog we flew to Aswan to begin our Nile River Cruise.  Here's a shot of us over the Aswan dam.

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Part 3 will be up next week!