Travel Series: How I Packed for Egypt

Hi Bellas,

Last month I went on a trip of a lifetime, Egypt!  I got to see the Pyramids, sail on the Nile River,  take a hot air balloon ride, it was amazing.  I love to pack and share my tips with others.  If you've got a vacay planned to Egypt I hope this video helps.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

Here are some of my top tips for traveling to Egypt:

Tip #1:  Pack a little more conservatively.   Especially as women, cover your shoulders, arms, avoid low cut necklines and wear loose fit tops.  Have tops a little longer to cover your butt.

Tip #2:  Pack basics that you can mix and match.  Wear layers as the temperature fluctuates from day to night.

Tip #3:  Pack a large scarf to keep your warm  and also serve as a blanket on a plane.  This can also serve as a head cover in religious sites.

Tip #4:  Take chewable pepto bismal tablets - 2 with each meal and 2 before bed; this will kill 
ecoli bacteria and keep you from having stomach issues.

Tip #5:  Pack tons of $1 bills or small Egyptian bills.  Tipping is part of the culture.  For example when you go to a public restroom there are usually attendants who expect a tip.  

Tip #6:  Travel Visas are required for Egypt but you can purchase in the airport for $28 in exact US Dollars.

Tip #7:  Pack different travel converter heads, many kits have multiple international types we used at least two of them because the plugs differed in the cities - some worked for Middle East and some worked for Africa.

Stay tuned for my Egypt Vlog!