Halloween Makeup: Prince - Purple Rain

Hi Bellas,

Today I've got for you my first Halloween tutorial of 2017!  I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite music greats, Prince.  I did something a little different - I gave you two versions of a Prince Halloween Makeup.  The first version is a realistic guy version, and the second is glam version for those of you who want a sexy version for Halloween.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

This is what I would probably wear out if I was rocking my Prince costume to a Halloween party.  It's still pretty and glam, but you can tell it's Prince from the Wig and Outfit.  I purchased a ruffle white shirt from Amazon and a purple vest.  I would've gotten a purple blazer but the vest was cheaper.  Pair it with some black pants and booths and maybe an inflatable guitar and you're Prince!

This is the more realistic version.  I took time to try to make my features look more like Prince - rounder, bigger eyes and a squarer face shape.  The facial hair was also super fun to apply.  

If you end up being Prince for Halloween, tag me #makeupbyrenren!  Next Halloween tutorial coming next week!