Wedding Series: Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Gift Bags

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post in my wedding series!  I already shared with you my welcome bags for my guests, but today i'm showing my extra special Bridesmaid Gift Bags.  Check it out!

My best friend got married two years ago and she hooked us up with an amazing bridal gift bag.  I knew I had to keep the tradition going.  I wanted the bag to be very personalized and beach themed.

I actually purchased this large aqua beach bag from target for just $10.  I thought it would be perfect for them to use again as a beach/towel bag while we were on the resort for my Dominican Republic Wedding.  Fortunately, my sister in law has a Cricut, aka she can personalize everything!  So she put the bridesmaids' names and starfish on each bag.  I just had to spend about $10 to purchase the orange vinyl for her to cut out the names.  This is much cheaper than buying the $40 personalized beach bags online.

My wedding colors are very beachy - coral and aqua so I tried to carry the theme into the bags.

  • Orange tissue paper
  • Personalized orange water bottles (also great for reusing at the resort)
  • An aqua oriental dressing robe (for them to wear while we got ready during the wedding)
  • Coral earrings (to wear during the wedding)
  • Coral and aqua bracelet (to wear during the wedding)
  • Jeweled sandals (they would wear this with their bridesmaid dresses; very comfortable for a beach wedding yet blinged out to make them fancy)

They also got some other beach essentials
  • Mini suntan lotion
  • Beach carrying case on a necklace (to store valuables on the beach)
  • Flash tattoos - metallic tattoos that look super cute when worn with their bathing suits

I also threw in some other miscellaneous items including:
  • Dominican candy, cookies and chips from the local market - many of them already ate this on arrival!
  • Hangover kit bag:  tylenol, pepto bismal, bandaids
  • Personalized Door hanger:  Do Not Disturb, We Partied All Night at Ren & Adrian's Wedding!
  • Typed up itinerary of the weekend including places and locations for rehearsal, get ready, etc.
  • Pack of safety pins (you never know when you need them for bridesmaid dresses)
  • Personalized clothing hanger for their bridesmaid dresses
  • Since i'm a beauty blogger/makeup junkie, I made sure to get them some makeup essentials including:
    • Sheet face mask to prep their skin for makeup
    • False lashes to wear at the wedding

Hope this was helpful!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

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