Friday, November 13, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle Series: My Easy Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

Hi Bellas,

Finally another video in my fitness/healthy lifestyle series.  Today i'm sharing my healthy protein shake recipe.  It's great for a meal replacement or post workout shake.  It's super yummy and makes me feel great, stay on track with healthy eating, and get to my fitness goals.  I show multiple options from basic to more of a meal replacement option.  Check it out!
Check out the video!

I get most of these items from the grocery store and some of the dry goods from Amazon.

Basic Protein Smoothie (This is what i'll do on a daily basis if i'm on the run)
Optional (I'll add these extra items if I know I want to make this a meal replacement shake or if I feel like I want a little extra)
Enjoy!  I plan on doing a workout video next.  If you have any fitness/diet requests let me know!

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