The Difference a Lip Color Can Make!

Hi Bellas,

I was going through my memory card and came across some makeup photos that I took of myself.  At first, I thought it was a completely new look that I had forgotten about, but then I realized it was the look from my Alcone Holiday Tutorial.  The difference was a new lip color and wow it totally transformed the look.  Check out this post to see the difference a lip color can make!
Here is the original look using the Alcone at Home Fierce Character Kit.

The eyeshadows and face are the same, but I switched out the vampy lip for something a bit lighter.
I actually just wiped off the dark lip color and popped on a pink gloss.  I often just change the lip color if i'm filming multiple videos in one day - so at least there's a little bit of variety to the look.
It totally softens the look and makes it more wearable for more people.
I think another cool lip color this look would be a true purple/violet - how gorgeous would that be?
So if you have a tried and true makeup look that you love, why not try seeing it with a new lip color?  It could completely change it up with little effort.  Have fun exploring your lippies!