Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Makeup Storage - ELF Brush Holders

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another makeup storage video.  I recently bought some new containers to hold my personal makeup brushes.  I had been using an acrylic pencil holder from Office Max but two of them had busted in a row.  After seeing fellow blogger Phyrra showcase her ELF Makeup Brush holders, I knew I had to try it.  Check it out!
I purchased two ELF brush holders on Amazon because I have a good amount of brushes.  Here's what my brushes looked like before.  I love that I fit so many brushes into one container that had 3 compartments.
As you can see it's seam busted.  That's why I have it in a dollar store tupperware container.
Here is the ELF brush holder.
I actually bought two.  It's pretty cool how there are 3 compartments which can fit brushes for eyes, face, and lips.
Since I have two, I just stuck both of them back in that container so that I can move it easily if I need to.  I keep my brushes in my studio bathroom and often have to put them away when I have guests come over, so keeping it in this container works for me.  
However, I think it would look nice to have them out separately on your vanity


JC ♔ said...

I'm not sure why I haven't gotten the ELF brush holder when it's so inexpensive. Maybe when my current acrylic holders break, I'll give it a go. And wow, that's a lot of brushes you have!

jenjeniferjenny said...

oooo!! i like it!! looks sleek too:)

With Hold said...

Have always had a great experience with storing my stuff. The guy at the facility whose name I don't know, have always been friendly, professional and keep the place immaculate.
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Makeup by Hend said...

It looks sleek. I think I'm going to purchase one too. Thanks Ren.