Makeup Artist Series: Tips for Makeup For Mature Skin

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I've had this post saved for a while.  I wanted to film a video tutorial for it, but never got around to it.  However, I didn't want these tips to go to waste.  I do makeup for a variety of age groups, including the mature skin category.  Applying makeup on this group definitely requires practice and I wanted to share a few tips I've learned along the way.
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I can't tell you how many mothers of the brides and grandmothers of the bride and groom I've worked with.  I really appreciate the experience because it gives me a chance to work on a different age category.  After some trial and error I've learned some tricks that have helped me immensely with applying makeup on mature skin.  On a personal note, I've found that a lot of the older women I work with (of course there are exceptions) either prefer to wear as little makeup as possible or want to stick with colors and styles that they wore in decades past.  It's your job as a makeup artist to use your knowledge to coax the client into what they want as well as what you know will work for them and for the occasion.

Lining Eyes
Try using a flat liner brush and dark eyeshadow to line.  In the past, my regular method left me with overly thick, messy lines.  I find that this method works best at getting the right amount of color exactly where you need it.
You can't go wrong with neutral colors that are matte to a satin finish.  Avoid anything with glitter or too much shimmer as they emphasize lines.
Use a lip pencil to prevent feathering and to thicken lips. With age, women tend to lose a bit of plumpness in certain areas but makeup can create illusions of fuller lips.  Don't be afraid of a little color to spice up the look!
Moisturize and Prime
Always use moisturizer and eye cream to plump skin.  Mature skin tends to be more dry and requires more moisture (make sure to ask them their skin type...they may be oily and still require a primer).  There are a lot of primers designed for mature skin that help to plump it up and temporarily firm up fine lines.  I like using Jan Marini and Smashbox.
Give a Glow
Add a bit of shimmer to cheeks to make skin look healthy.  I like using a cream or liquid highlighter that melts into the skin like MAC luster drops.

Thicker brows make you look younger  
It's amazing how you can take off the years with a little brow work.  It frames the face and gives the illusion of a lifted eye.  I use a very light hand and a combination of brow pencil and powder.
Don't be Afraid of Lashes
Use a style that is appropriate like Ardell #109 or #110.  They can really work to lift and open up the eyes.
Applying Eyeshadow
When you do eyeshadow have them open their eyes first so you can tell where their crease is.  Lightly stretch the skin so you can blend in between wrinkles and any loose skin.
Blush is your friend
Blush brings a youthful glow.  Stick with semi-matte and satin colors because the same rule applies as with eyeshadow, too much shimmer shows fine lines and wrinkles.  When applying the blush, use a rounded motion applying it at a soft diagonal from apples up to temple.  Stay away from the extremes - too much color on the apples of the cheeks looks too young, and a harsh diagonal line of blush is too dated.

More Liquid and Cream, Less Powder
Use a cream concealer over age spots.  I like liquid and creams on mature skin in general because it sinks into the skin better and looks more natural.  Go light with the powder (apply it only to areas that need it...t-zone, under eyes to set concealer) to keep the dewy radiance to the skin.
Hope this helped!  If you have any tips of your own, please leave them in the comments below!

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