Welcome! First Post...Get Ready!

Hi everyone, this is my very first post (and I’m currently writing it at work which seems to be my favorite place to do my research he he).

Well I was inspired by many of the members from Asian Beauty Blog to get my own blog started. Shout outs to Stephie and Vanessa, they are freaking awesome and oh so inspiring.

To give a bit of background info…I’ve always been into makeup ever since middle school…I read all the teen magazines and that’s how I learned to apply makeup. Then in college I branched from drug store brands and starting getting into the holy grail…MAC, because I loved their brightly colored eyeshadows. I also love brands that are sold at sephora, such as urban decay, makeup forever, and NARS. It seems like I’ve found my knack, as I’ve been doing makeup on myself and friends for years with pretty good results.

I fell off the last year as I went “au naturale”. However, a few weeks ago, my friends and I booked makeup appointments at MAC for New Years Eve. I don’t know if many of you have this problem, but whenever I get my makeup done, they make me look like an asian doll out of a magazine. Either the makeup is too artsy, like orange circles on my cheeks and red eyeshadow under my eye…or completely underdone. It seems like many makeup artists are afraid to put eyeliner on Asians for fear of making their eyes appear to small.

So I started researching asian makeup…looks and products. That’s when I re-discovered my new found passion for makeup. I’ve been on some shopping sprees in the last few weeks…trying to rebuild my collection. I’ve also ordered business cards, done ton of research, practiced everyday and taken a million pictures so I can be on my way to freelance makeup artistry.

So I’d like to share some tips and reviews…to help you on your makeup path as well. Stay tuned for photos, tutorials and more. Hope you like what I post…I’m still growing so feel free to offer constructive criticism. This is a friendly environment for growth…I know some other ladies have complained that there is unnecessary cattiness on their blogs…let’s keep it friendly people. With that said, I’ll catch you guys up with some of the makeup looks I’ve done in the past months. Feel free to leave comments and requests!